Essays on Parasitism

Essays on Parasitism

Автор: Sergey Be'er,Mikhail Voronin and Vladimir Sergiev


A monograph is devoted to an important but rarely seen in literature problem — a parasitism as derivative of biosphere evolution. The following questions are studied: a transformation of parasitism features during an organic world evolution; a gnoseology of parasitism; definitions and essence of concepts and terms; concepts of parasitism; parasites’ environments: its unity and non-equivalence; a role of pathogeny of parasitic organisms in evolution of an organic world; basic forms of ecological relationships (mutualism, procooperation, commensalism, etc.); a variety of forms of relationships between organisms in natural surroundings; an introduction into scientific vocabulary and semantic dualism of «parasitary system» concept: its epidemiological and biological understanding; a structural and functional basis of parasitary systems organization; effects of climate change on parasitary systems; concept of paleoparasitology. The authors view a parasitology as having manifold…

Издатель: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Год: 2013



Страниц: 528

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